Spending time with friends who share your interests will be refreshing....Read More »


A well-connected friend will tell you about an exciting job that will soon...Read More »


You're determined not to be tied to one part of the world. Attaining...Read More »


You're suspicious of a story and facts that support a rival's claim. Take...Read More »


It's time to bring to warring parties together. You have affection for...Read More »


Making order out of chaos is one of your specialties. Put your regular...Read More »


Your love life is springing to live. If you're in a serious relationship,...Read More »


Being a caretaker has tremendous emotional rewards. You have always had...Read More »


Take this opportunity to catch up on tasks that have recently fallen...Read More »


An eye for quality will help you make purchases that will steadily...Read More »


Venturing into new territory will be lots of fun. Experts admire your...Read More »


You never turn down a chance to drift, dream and build castles in the air....Read More »

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