You're a highly entertaining storyteller. Captivating an audience will be...Read More »


You won't be able to hide your thoughts. Your face clearly conveys your...Read More »


Putting your thoughts into words will clarify a complicated situation....Read More »


Acquiring practical knowledge will improve your financial prospects....Read More »


You're impatient for a relative or neighbour to formulate plans. Until...Read More »


Entertain some daydreams. Even a highly practical person like you can...Read More »


Instead of fighting an upcoming change, you're smart enough to embrace it....Read More »


This is a good time to organise your files. Going through paperwork will...Read More »


You'll get an opportunity to share your expertise with others. Working...Read More »


It will be virtually impossible to resist your charms. Use this...Read More »


You'll be asked to referee an argument. Two parties can't stand each...Read More »


Your eye for detail attracts a glamorous job. Those people who trust your...Read More »

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