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Today - discover the make-up of people born on 4th, April !

Tune in each and every day to see the traits and characteristics people born on different days of the year hold.

Born today on the 4th, April :

April 4 likes to use his hands. He's a gardener, a cook, maybe a furniture maker. Many do this as a profession, always happiest elbow deep in the workshop, kitchen or greenhouse. This day has psychic aspects for money so it's possible there will be a legacy or windfall. Clever Aries is excellent with investments on the stock market, property, or money put into London's West End shows. There may be sufficient funds to choose not to work. So there's time to devote to a project. It may be cultivating a new single flowered, pale red rose, powerfully scented, disease free and flowering all year. Or concocting delicious dishes. Or designing a bed for children which rocks and plays them lullabies. April 4 also likes to use those strong Mars hands to give pleasure to a partner. This is not an inhibited person, and although the tastes are never for the too outrageous - dignified Mars doesn't dress up for the event - there's a deal of interest in sensuous pleasures. Aphrodisiac dishes will abound. The sex zones on the whole body which make touch and aromatic massage so stirring, will be investigated. The spine and back are Aries' vulnerable parts, but they are also the areas which give maxi pleasure. A little rub at the base of the spine can bring up a helluva shine. Some Aries people often feel a deep sadness. It's not individual acts of unkindness which cause it, although that too, but an understanding of the passing of time and loveliness. They feel no worries about their own mortality, but grieve terribly for others. So much so that a few are better off not reading the newspapers or watching news on television, because disaster disturbs their equilibrium. If they stick to reading, creating, sex and music they will be happier, and while not forgetting our fleeting state, will have no cause to ponder deeply on it.


There are two spots about three inches below the waist, just above the buttocks, in the centre of the lower back on either side of the spine, which when pressed and stroked, trigger sexual desire and pleasant anticipatory warmth. Using the shiatsu method, press with the thumb until the pressure is quite hard. Then hold this for seven seconds. Release the pressure until your thumb is just resting on the skin's surface, wait five seconds, then repeat ten times. Or just massage gently with the finger tips, never on the spine, using drops of reputedly aphrodisiac sandalwood in a carrier oil such as almond.


April 4 has a tendency to flirt with drugs and other addictive substances. This individual must be extremely careful about anything he takes. Whether it's alcohol or drugs, there's a tendency to overindulge and over-experiment.

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