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Today - discover the make-up of people born on 22nd, May !

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Born today on the 22nd, May :

This flirtatious flitter attracts lovers like ants to a strawberry jam sandwich. Indeed May 22 people can get so bogged down beneath the weight of their admirers that much of their time is spent avoiding them. Pretending helplessness, they may appeal to a gallant rescuer, establishing one of those sudden intimacies so characteristic of this air sign, then drop their newly devoted companion without a backward glance. Some of these people have a steadier nature and will fall in love for ever, but if that happens they will boast about their lifelong commitment, drawing everybody's attention to it as a wondrous thing to be admired. If they have children, they will take a dramatically patriarchal or matriarchal role, fiercely protective and supportive. They make good, caring parents but do prefer their offspring to be at the brainy, beautiful or eyecatching end of the gene pool. If children don't come along, this person often surrounds him or herself with unusual pedigree dogs or perhaps 'designer' farm animals such as cashmere goats. Whatever they choose, there will always be something of the collector about May 22. Some turn this talent for collecting into a profession and can be found working in specialist areas. Others use their flair for publicity to get on in the media, particularly advertising and newspapers, where their epic energy is greatly admired. Most of these will continue to collect in private - particularly something which is to do with numbers. May 22 adores categorising, making files and putting lists into computers. And, indeed, playing expertly with computers which appeal to their sometimes egocentric, directional natures. Structures as well as figures fascinate them. Some may be trainspotter types, pursuing engine numbers and dreaming of destinations, or mapping waterways and the movements of the stars. Less commonly, other May 22 people introduce grand new artistic or philosophical structures to the world.


This individual is sometimes an on-the-hoof eater, cramming in bread and butter, chocolate biscuits, crisps and (no, honestly) pickles. In consequence, they frequently suffer constipation and stomach pains. Figs can help. For centuries the medicinal use of figs has been recommended to treat constipation, liverishness and to restore vitality. Japanese scientists at the Institute of Physical and Chemical Research in Tokyo have even isolated an anti-cancer chemical from figs and used it to treat cancer patients. Put the figs in a bowl of mixed dried fruit and snack on them, not the biscuits and pickles.


Concentrate on fewer projects at one time. This helps you plot the sequence of your actions and ensure that at the end of the day you don't collapse in a heap with everything only three-quarters done.

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