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Welcome to your weekly Gay Horoscopes by Philip Garcia; written for the modern gay man and woman in mind. 

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Read on to view this week's Gay and Lesbian Scopes starting Monday, February 6th!


Gay Horoscopes

Go with your instincts in social, romantic and family affairs. You might sense something isn't quite right or someone's not happy. If either you or someone close is flitting from one task to another and finding it hard to focus, look for a reason. The need to make a change in your usual routines could be what it's all about. The latter half of the month will be a good time to assert yourself and let others know how you are feeling.


Gay Horoscopes

Your mood early in the month will keep you in the background. You feel a strong need to be alone and more importantly, for more independence. A possessive friend or partner is making you uneasy. You sense they don't trust you and without trust a relationship holds little meaning for you. A strange phase you are going through will make you rebellious. Ultimatums will be issued around the 19th. You're tired of making all the sacrifices in some relationships.


Gay Horoscopes

You've outgrown a friendship, romance or commitment. The only reason it continues is because it has become more of a habit than anything else. The start of February is the time to find a suitable activity or relationship to replace it. True, it isn't easy to end past ties and initiate change but that's what you've got to do to make your life more interesting and fulfilling. Diversity is a big factor in the choices you make as the month ends.


Gay Horoscopes

Some people will do anything to get what they want. Don't be taken in by a neighbour's charm. Trust your intuition if you sense there's something devious going on. A rival in love or competitor in business will try to befriend you. If you are suspicious of their motives, look after your own interests. After the 13th flow with the tide. Changes occurring will make a huge difference to your life. Talks connected with partnership affairs will be highly productive


Gay Horoscopes

A lack of variety in your life may be to blame for your restlessness. Join a group of friends on an outing to a theatre or head for a nearby city known for its restaurants and nightlife. Mix with all sorts of different people. Find the fun in life. Improvements to your workplace or everyday routines will make life easier after the 17th. If you've just broken up from a relationship, you don't have to stop talking forever but cut off communications until you've got over your ex.


Gay Horoscopes

You're so busy this is putting a strain on a close relationship. Your best friend or lover is starting to feel neglected. They're trying many different ways to show they care but you aren't giving much in return. By the 12th you might agree to reduce your commitments so you can spend more time with those who matter. You would hate for anyone to feel you are taking them for granted. As the month ends sneak off to a private hideaway with your lover.


Gay Horoscopes

You have lapsed into the habit of ignoring matters that are emotionally upsetting. It isn't possible to bury your head in the sand anymore. A relationship or work situation is out of kilter. You need to give it more attention. Talk over issues that are causing problems. Home life will be important to you mid-February and family obligations will be given priority. By the end of the month you will be applauded for facing up to all your responsibilities.


Gay Horoscopes

Romance is a strong feature of your stars this February. A happy turn of events will stir up strong emotions and powerful feelings. You and your partner are happily in tune and there's an almost psychic link between you. Take the chance to develop a creative talent around the 9th through an art class or photography course. Love, pleasure and social interests will take centre stage mid-February. On Valentine's Day you will be planning something out of the ordinary.


Gay Horoscopes

Private plans are coming together really well. A cherished dream is about to come true. You are inspired to start something new and you have good instincts about motivating other people. A partnership formed with a friend will harmonize beautifully and could lead to romance if you are single. Surprise your amour with something special around the 20th to prove how much they mean to you. A travel opportunity later will take you on a fabulous adventure.


Gay Horoscopes

Tension in a close relationship has a lot to do with outside influences. Someone is trying to cause trouble between you and your partner. Ignore any gossips in your area. Be sensitive your amour's needs. If you sense they're upset or uncertain, reassure them with passionate kisses, whispered words of love and affectionate hugs. Be there when they need you. An exciting money making opportunity will come your way around the 21st. Community activities will progress well as February ends.


Gay Horoscopes

People find it so easy to talk to you that even strangers seem to trust you with their secrets. You're in touch with your spiritual side. Feelings of dej vu make you more aware of your intuition. Developments in a close relationship speak to the psychic in you. Your partner feels you can read their mind. Showering loved ones with love and affection gives you a sense of purpose. Fostering an animal with special needs makes you realise how much love you have to offer.


Gay Horoscopes

You're trying hard to rationalise your emotions. This only makes you more confused. Not everything you feel can be explained logically. A spirit of excitement and adventure prompts you to try something new. Joining forces with like-minded others will be emotionally fulfilling and a loving communication on the 10th will touch your heart. Friends encourage you to do what you must do to be happy. Your partner is generous and giving. With such loving support you will feel you can accomplish anything.

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