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Today - discover the make-up of people born on 17th, October !

Tune in each and every day to see the traits and characteristics people born on different days of the year hold.

Born today on the 17th, October :

October 17 is born with all the indications that he and she will live a long and happy life, full of love, friendship and moments of great good fortune. Venus, the ruler of Libra, smiles on this startlingly easy-going person and most people remember October 17 with pleasure. Some can be taxing husbands and wives, demanding a high standard of perfection about the home and about their spouse. But it's not really a downside as they do the decorating themselves and are fond of arriving home with wonderful new frocks, shirts, coats, bags, gloves and hats for their best beloved. Their taste veers towards elegant, rather than wild, so if the best beloved's is more wild, it's probably best to make a gentle adjustment in taste and keep the peace. There's nothing wrong with high heeled shoes rather than sneakers, and a well cut jacket flatters shoulders better than a track suit top. Because if you don't there will be quarrels and sadness in the house. Many October 17 people have a highly developed sense of justice and a desire for peace. Some pursue a successful career in the law. Others thrive in local government, teaching, social work or the great art of running a library. Good Librarians run a place which welcomes obstreperous children and old ladies and calms everybody down with a generally good time. The women in particular are likely to hold quite powerful religious or humanist beliefs. They delight in ceremony and if they lean away from the conventional church, expect them to hold unconventional wedding and baptism parties in flower-strewn fields with a few ancient Celtic rites thrown in. They look to the Moon for solace and like to make love in moonlight at some quiet spot under the night sky. Many will conceive a baby this way, born of love and moonlight. These moon-begot children grow up serene and to be peace seekers.


Although this person rarely suffers from depression, they do have delicate health, vulnerable to kidney infections and sore gums when stressed. Indeed, they can be extremely prone to stress, partly because they are so perfectionist and because they work so hard to make everything right. October 17 usually recovers well when he or she pays attention to their body's plight. But if they plough on things will just go from bad to worse. So it's vital that people born on this day take time away from stress to relax. Many are naturally at home in the countryside where they enjoy growing things.


Sometimes it's hard to relax. Perhaps it will help to try one of the famous Bach Flower remedies? Elm (Ulmus procera) is for those who over-extend themselves. Oak (Quercus robur) is for those who are brave, determined and steadfast.

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