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Born today on the 13th, November :

November 13 needs tranquillity to balance the fast pace of his life. If he doesn't get it unhappiness and exhaustion will ensue. Both sexes find music a great peace bringer, in particular choral music, jazz, blues and other pieces of classical music, in particular written in D minor and C sharp minor. These include the ever popular Moonlight Sonata by Beethoven (C minor) and many of the piano concertos by Mozart and Brahms. It is now well known by doctors that simply listening to music can reduce high blood pressure, reduce pain and improve IQ and memory, so its curative effect on 13 isn't surprising. Neurological reception for music is mostly located in the right brain (speech is in the left) and the limbic system, which governs much of the brain's emotional responses. To combat low self-esteem, which is sometimes brought on by working for large corporations and caring too much about what others think of you, get out into the countryside. People born on this day are great thinkers and walkers. They like to pass hours just looking, spotting rare plants, birds and, of course, being a water sign, river and sea plants, birds and fish. Most become expert in one of these areas, which gives them endless delight. November 13 likes to collect flowers and press them in the old family Bible, just like his or her grandmother did. And what also amuses them is hunting for wild, edible berries and nuts and even wild plants which can be made into delicious dishes. (Never from hedgerows because of car fumes and always check on pollution levels of seas and rivers.) A walk with this person turns into an exciting forage for wild strawberries, cob nuts, blackberry patches and if you are lucky, the delicious and freely-growing blueberry. Children adore mushrooming with 13, taking out early morning baskets, finding fairy circles, jumping in and out and wishing, then coming back to make a delicious breakfast.


Rosehip Syrup. This delicious vitamin C-rich syrup was made by grandma during World War II. Take 3.8 litres of water, 1.5 kg ripe red rosehips and 1kg sugar. Boil 2.5 litres of the water. Slice hips, put them into water. Reheat to boiling point and skim. Cook for 30 minutes, strain through a jelly bag, then boil remaining pulp in rest of water. Cool for 30 minutes, strain. Combine two liquids, boil until reduced to about 1.5 litres. Add sugar, bring to boil. Cook to syrup, then cool. Pot, seal, store in dark cupboard.


Wild Rose (Rosa canina) may be the ideal Bach Flower remedy for serenity seekers. It gives back a feeling of inner freedom and flexibility, the ability to follow life's inner laws and joyful vital interest in surroundings.

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