Your Birthday - born 25th, September

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Today - discover the make-up of people born on 25th, September !

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Born today on the 25th, September :

This seemingly respectable person very frequently has seduction on his mind. They say that the average man thinks about sex every fourteen minutes during his waking hours and that about sums up both sexes born on September 25. Lissom and brown limbed, these men and women exude an aura so pink you would think even the densest people could spot the candy floss ring around their heart. Fortunately people born on this day are extremely kind hearted - otherwise they'd be unbearable. At work they put themselves out to help colleagues of either sex and do it discreetly. Well, fairly! Expect just the odd person you might not have chosen to confide your most intimate secrets in to be confided in with your most intimate secrets. Still, this birthday person is a great dancer and who's nit picking? The male can also tend to undercut colleagues, especially women, so a little nit picking here might be worthwhile. He's extremely adroit and usually thinks nobody has noticed, except the recipient. September 25 relies on the fact that he's such a good guy anybody who hears her complaining will put it down to the time of the month, or some other ruse for blaming the victim for the perpetrator's crime. During an important meeting, the victim should remember that male September 25 may appear to be taking copious notes, but what he's really thinking about is how most of the people round the table would look without clothes. And who would be amenable to suggestions of love in the lavender bed. The victim should ask some complicated questions, in rapid succession with a show of admiration, directly related to his work area. Hey presto! The inattentive streak in this person's psycheology will let him down. The girls don't do anything as low down and dirty as undercutting colleagues. They are extremely brainy and beautiful, very physically self-confident and have tattoos in wonderful places.


The basic massage strokes to arouse a partner, popular in France, include effleurage, tapotement and cupping, and petrissage. With effleurage you glide the palms across the skin, putting some body weight behind the movement. With tapotement and cupping, you first drum the fingers, very lightly on sensuous spots, shoulder blades for instance, then softly bring each hand down with fingers together and thumbs folded in - cupped. Petrissage involves moving the balls of your fingers or thumbs in a circular motion to soothe away any muscular tension down the back. (Do not massage the spine itself.)


In numerology the 25th day of the month is ruled by the number 7, (2+5=7). In Tarot, the 7th card in the Major Arcana is The Chariot, symbolising flair and talent, but also a lost route.

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Amelia is an inherited psychic, clairsentient and empath. She gives straight forward in depth readings without imposing on your free will. Amelias readings are empowering & focus on providing insight,balance & perspective in personal, relationship & career areas-helping some clients connect to their inner path. Skills: psychic,tarot,divination,crystal healing,relationship dynamics,career & business queries, house move, dream interpretation,dowsing, astrology,relocational astrology,animal totems/guides, numerology, tattwa & I Ching. Your truth lies within you. She is a TABI registered Tarot Reader.
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David has been psychic all of his life, he insists that we all are but for most people it remains hidden from the conscious. He rarely asks questions of his clients as he is aware that his emphatic nature will unconsciously try to interfere with the messages that he has for his client and may try to influence the reading by telling the client what they want to hear rather than what he truly feels is going to happen. His first responsibility is to tell the truth so that his client may profit from it. If it is over it is best to know that it is so that the client may start to move on. If the business venture is troublesome it is best to know so that the client may start to consider an alternative .Furthermore if he gives a very happy and optimistic reading the client will have more confidence in its veracity as he has given it without any prompting. Up to 50% of his clients are return callers.
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Evangelica is sensitive to the Karmic information contained within the energies, and with the help of her guides and soul-group, Tarot cards and crystals she can give you the best advice possible to help you with your problems. She will also explain the potential outcome and what to expect from relationship difficulties based on the Karmic information contained within your energy field. Evangelica specialises in all types of relationship issues, soul-mate connections, careers and life in general and is rated 10/10 by many of her clients.
Evangelica is not available at the moment, to speak with another amazing Love and Romance Psychic call 0906 539 1614 or speak to a friendly person free on 0808 206 4506 to book a reading.

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